BESPOKE Custom Fit Apron

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You as Makers understand having the right tool for the job is vital! Makes everything easier and more efficient!

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The Bespoke Custom Fit Apron was designed after months of my regular apron failing to do the job. My favorite white shoes were ruined, my pants looked crazy after one throwing session, and I had clay everywhere! Finally, I stayed up till 12 pm before my next class and drafted the first apron.

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Finally, the new BESPOKE Custom Fit Apron is complete! Fully machine washable and dry-able. I opted for taking the leather tabs off as, even though it looked cool and hipster, it wasn’t the best overall design for the long haul. I want this apron to last the test of time, with quality products and quality craftsmanship.

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In making the first prototype, I’ve found that for the best fit and comfort of the wearer, the Custom Apron must be just that – custom! If it hits you in the wrong places it just doesn’t feel right, especially when sitting at the wheel or walking back and forth on the job. I understand that maybe just any cheap apron will do, that’s what I had and lived with it. But after spending the time to make exactly what I needed, there was no going back.

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Here Curt is wearing the apron without any panel, or leg panels attached.

Here Curt is wearing the apron without any panel, or leg panels attached.

Faith has ruined me for all other aprons. The level of love and craft put into everything she makes is on a whole nother level. It is easy to see that every detail was carefully thought through. You will not be disappointed.
— Curt Hammerly - @hammerlyceramics

There is no Small, Medium, Large. Each apron must be cut to fit your exact measurements.

Because of this, there is no prep work I can do ahead of time until I have the measurements in front of me for each apron.

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I tried it, believe me. Even just a few inches off, makes all the difference. It’s just not comfortable, it doesn’t split in the right spot, and walking around just felt awkward! I’m not going to put all the effort into making an apron that doesn’t ‘fit’. If you want one of those, then just get the cheap one!

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The apron is equipped with a heavy duty detachable zipper so you can easily remove the split leg design, or you can have a custom made flat panel hemmed to the length you desire if you stand rather than sit at the wheel.

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Your headphones are directed through the center of the apron rather than pulling from the side. This is soooooo much more comfortable!!! You know exactly what I’m talking about if you are a headphone user!

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With a lot of great input from my Studio mates the zippered enclosed pocket with grommets for your phone cord make listening with headphones a joy! No more exposed wire hanging everywhere. You can keep your wallet or credit card in your pocket, and don’t have to bring your entire bag into the studio if you’re away from home. Everything is kept safe and sound.

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With the hidden elastic band and swivel hook, you can safely store keys, rings, bracelets, watches, anything you don’t want to loose by laying it around or sticking it in another pocket and forgetting about it later.

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I chose Cordura military grade 500d material not only for its durability, but it’s lightweight, water-resistant qualities. Working with water and glazes, it’s nice to just wipe off and you’re done. Or, if you have clay all over, just take a wet sponge and clean it off! The ability to throw it in the washer and dryer multiple times and having it hold up - is great!

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The straps are constructed of heavy-duty polyester that will wear comfortably. The three-point harness strap connection is durable and keeps all straps off the neck yet held in place.

With two swivel clasps and all adjustable straps, once you have have this apron dialed, just two clicks and you’re in! No untying, long loose hanging straps, no more over your head, no more tying in front to make it fit for a not so flattering look.

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This apron works!

I’m not here to make aprons for the masses. I’m here to make an apron…that fits you!

I hope you love this tool as much as I do.

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